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Food that is Tasty and Healthy!
At FreshTaste360, our expert catering team is led by a professional chef, with years of experience in the industry. We only cook with the freshest, locally-sourced, high-end ingredients to deliver a tasty and healthy meal.

We believe that food should be more than just taste, it should be a perfect balance of flavor, value, nutrition and creativity; which is what we serve on our menu. Our food is freshly cooked from scratch every day in the kitchen and we strive to make every mealtime experience delicious and nutritious.

Our Mission

At FreshTaste 360 we’re all about cooking smart, healthy, delicious and fresh meals for our customers, on-the-go, with the aim of keeping them happy, satisfied and well.

Our Vision

To stir up a happy society – one customer, one plate and one community at a time.

Freedom Atanda

Atanda Freedom

"Each time I go to work, my heart bubbles with excitement"
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Freedom Atanda started her journey in the kitchen at a tender age. As a toddler she enjoyed helping her mother out in the kitchen, and soon she naturally took responsibility for several tasks in the kitchen.

In primary 3, she cooked her first meal independently- a pot of Egusi soup, the entire family enjoyed it and that marked beginning of her kitchen life.

She began boldly experimenting and replicating recipes, then proceeded to train professionally as a chef and has since been the talent and heart behind many tasty dishes, happy clients and satisfied guests.